Friday, 8 November 2013

SFFSat 9/11/13

This is my snippet this week for SFFSat. SFFSat is a place where a number of authors post snippets from their written works, and give the opportunity for comments, support and encouragement. Please also explore the other blogs that are part of this set - you can find the information here.

This week's snippet is again from Sorrel Snowbound, and carries on from last week's extract. Sorrel has reached the surface. 

Two thuggish officials are confronting our heroine...

An unpleasant smile wreathed Moustachio's face - I had a nasty suspicion that he was the type who would enjoy beating up a peasant on principle. Wrack's brave new world clearly hadn't changed the outlook of the militia who served the dragonlords. To them, I was unarmed; neither had bothered to reach for the swords they wore at their belts. It would be the work of seconds to fling fire from the magerealm and barbecue them both. Frankly, seeing Moustachio's leer turn to agony would be rather satisfying. But I wasn't going to kill them just because they were thugs.
I simply shook my head. ‘Get out of my way or you'll both regret it.’
I relied on a stern, level gaze and hoped it would be enough.
Which, of course, it wasn't. 

 Looks like Sorrel is in trouble again... As always, comments welcomed!

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