Friday, 6 November 2015

SFFS 7/11/2015 Impcatcher

 This is my snippet this week for SFFSat. SFFSat is a place where a number of authors post snippets from their written works, and give the opportunity for comments, support and encouragement. Please also explore the other blogs that are part of this set - you can find the information here.

 Today's snippet is from Impcatcher, which is now on sale on Amazon for the Kindle and in paperback, and DriveThru in pdf format. The general epub version is at Lulu.

A new section, today. Tal is summoning an imp of his own.


The words flowed off my tongue smoothly and crisply, each syllable precise and word-perfect. Getting this sort of thing wrong is not conducive to your health. I won't write the words down – such things have power, and you don't want to mess with that sort of energy.

The glare was bright enough to illuminate every corner of the shop, shadows black and red and shimmering with the sudden flare of heat. Anyone looking at the windows who had a modicum of knowledge would know what I was doing. I just had to hope there was no one around. 

The portal, a half-disc on its side facing me in the midst of the binding circle, showed a vision of hell. One particular hell, anyway. A realm of blue steel and jagged edges, the ground a patchwork of blades and spines, as though a cart-load of daggers had been tipped out across a newly-ploughed field. The sky was red, roiling fire, and there was nothing that looked remotely like the plants or growths of our own world. The creatures of this realm are born of far harder matter. This is Varuch. Not a nice place to visit.

I spoke one more word. A name.

Next week I'll reveal what Tal is summoning.
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  1. Love the descriptions in the scene...also the character's concern for what might happen if the words get out.

  2. I don't fancy walking through that place!

  3. I also love the hell-scene description. I can't help imagining a field of growing daggers. Very interesting :) Can't wait to see what he summons up!

  4. Thanks for all the kind words - all I can add is "Don't try this at home"!