Friday, 12 December 2014

SFFSat 13/12/2014 Sorrel in Silver

This is my snippet this week for SFFSat. SFFSat is normally a place where a number of authors post snippets from their written works, and give the opportunity for comments, support and encouragement. Unfortunately, SFFSat apparently isn't running this week, but I hope you enjoy my snippet anyhow!

Sorrel in Silver is now on sale on Amazon! This snippet is from Chapter Eight - Wrack is confronting another dragonlord, Starron.


The red dragon flung himself savagely at his rival.

When titans clash, mere humans need to take shelter. Two twelve-foot tall monsters, necks writhing, teeth glittering in the firelight, aimed for each other's throats. This was no gentlemanly duel. This was savage, primal; an attempt by each dragon to crush his rival. The only rule when there is a brawl between dragons is that humans need to get the volg out of there.

Except that the red dragon was my lover. And there was no lafquassing chance I was leaving that room until I knew he was victorious and that the squuming volg of a blue dragon was beaten to a pulp. And if I even suspected Wrack was losing, I intended to use my sorcery to hammer Starron. Wrack would be furious at any interference, but I didn't care. There was no volging way in squum I was going to let Starron hurt my dragon!

Wrack flung himself onto the blue dragon, driving him back against the west wall of the hall. Starron fastened his teeth on Wrack's wing, trying to bite into the powerful muscle of the upper part of the limb. Wrack snarled, red fire licking around his mouth, and slammed his other wing against Starron’s head, trying to dislodge him. Starron whirled, releasing his teeth and twisting his neck so that he could bite Wrack's neck.

 As always, comments appreciated.


  1. Hi, I noticed there was no signup. Just when I planned to reveal the Psi Master's talents!
    Fun dragon fight, and I like the inventive words.
    My WIP has dragons and I hope to publish early in 2015.

    1. Sounds good to me - I like dragons! Looking forward to seeing it when it's ready.