Tuesday, 1 July 2014

New reviews!

And to my delight I have a pair of
five-star reviews on Amazon.com!

Loren Weaver reviewed Scarlet,
clearly liked it, bought Snowbound
and reviewed that, as well. Five stars
for each book, and lots of nice
comments. I feel very flattered...

"Full of war, bravery, and reconciliation, Sorrel in Scarlet is the kind of tale you don't soon forget. I enjoyed the fast paced writing style and unique characters. They're not all perfect heroes, even when they try to do the right thing. And some of them are doing good for bad reasons. They make for very real characters that grow and change as the book progresses."

And about Snowbound -

 "I loved the characters in this book, and how Sorrel's complete and utter conviction is tested to its limits. She's a strong character, but even those have their breaking points. Written from Sorrel's point of view, the book is also well written and fast paced."

... I'm going to need a new size in hats.

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