Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Sorrel's creatures

 I like strange creatures. One of the things I enjoyed when writing Sorrel in Scarlet was creating the strange creatures that Sorrel encounters in the Chasm.

Grathks are the most straightforward brutes. They are savage lizard-birds almost six feet tall that attack viciously. Sorrel has faced grathks on the surface - but the Chasm versions are bigger and more deadly.


Scorturliqs are the largest horrors that Sorrel faces. Two hundred feet long, often used as mounts and as siege engines. They are almost mindless, but their size and power makes them terrifying.

The lloruk are serpent-people. Man-sized, golden-scaled, very intelligent and ancient. They were behind one of the greatest civilisations Sorrel's world has ever known, until it was destroyed in a savage, genocidal war with the elves. They are the central opponents in Sorrel in Scarlet - one of Sorrel's most terrifying discoveries is that they still exist in the Chasm.

And finally we have snarqs. Two headed, acid-spitting flying lizards, controlled by the lloruk and used as aerial weapons. They are a major threat in Sorrel in Scarlet. I'm currently in the final chapters of Sorrel in Silver, the final book in the trilogy, which I'm hoping to release in September. I've just finished writing a deadly aerial battle with snarqs - they are currently my favourite monsters...

The pictures for this blog post are the best representations I can do at the moment for Sorrel's creatures, mostly created in Poser. My hope is that the descriptions in the books do these four horrors more justice!

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