Sunday, 15 September 2013

Who is Sorrel?

Aside from being the protagonist of the novels that bear her name, Sorrel Cheldaniss is a pilot and a sorceress. In Sorrel's world the two were (until recently) synonymous – pilots needed sorcery to power the engines that enabled them to fly. Sorrel learned to fly in the year before her people began a revolt against the dragons who ruled her lands; during the struggle, she flew a fighter plane in aerial battles against the dragons, and downed Kabal, one of the most powerful (and nastiest) of the dragonlords. Sorrel is hot-tempered and has strong feelings – she knew how badly the humans were treated by some of the dragons, and strove to do everything she could do to defeat them.

Wrack, another of the dragonlords (who will get his own blog entry in a week or so) finally blew her out of the sky. She survived the crash, and he took her prisoner.

The revolt was crushed. The dragons decreed that humans could no longer have magic, and set about ensuring the humans could not rise up again.

Sorrel was released from Wrack's clutches, but her fire had not been quenched – she again set about trying to fight the dragons, albeit more circumspectly.

This is where the novel Sorrel in Scarlet begins.

Sorrel is in her mid-twenties. She's attractive, intelligent and in good physical shape. She can handle a sword (another skill she had to learn during the revolt) and she is an excellent pilot. On the other hand, she is also hot-headed and unwise, and tends to jump in where wiser heads would fear to tread. She is also prone to opening her mouth and saying things she might later regret. She is not averse to romantic dalliances, but is unattached when the novel opens.

She is the narrator for the books. Don't assume that she is always right about what she says...

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