Tuesday, 25 September 2012

I think Amazon hates me...

I was all prepared for the launch of Sorrel in Scarlet on Monday. I uploaded my files to my three targets on Saturday. Lulu went live almost immediately - epub format for e-readers other than the Kindle. CreateSpace - print on demand paperback copies, which I thought might well take longest to launch - was available on Monday morning, and I received my own copy this morning.

But the Kindle... I uploaded the file on Saturday. The system checked it over and firmly said it was okay, and would be published and on sale within 12 hours.

Sunday morning - no sign. I assumed it meant 12 business hours.

Monday? Not a whisper. I can be patient - I sat back and waited till Tuesday.

Not a dickie-bird. No change to my status, no e-mails, no messages, nothing. So I sent Kindle a polite "What's going on?" style message.

I'm still waiting.

And to add insult to injury, the paperback is available on Amazon UK and Amazon US, but the cover picture isn't visible. The US one is finally showing up, but the UK image is still absent.

Is Amazon trying to tell me something?

Still, the good news is that the paperback version is now on sale. If you're in the UK, go here. If you're in the USA or elsewhere try here.

If you want an epub version (Nook, Kobo, Sony E-Reader, iPad etc) then try Lulu, here.

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