Tuesday, 28 August 2012

So what is this book all about?

Sorrel in Scarlet is a fantasy novel set in a world where a form of magic works, dragons rule the land, and monsters exist, and where technology has advanced to the stage of steam cars and biplanes. Sorrel's land was ravaged by an apocalyptic war more than a thousand years ago between elves and lloruk (serpent-folk). Fortunately for everyone alive on the surface now, both evil, twisted races ceased to exist during that war. One remnant is the Chasm, a gigantic tear in the fabric of the continent. It plunges two miles down into a permanent layer of cloud – no one who ventured down there has returned.
Sorrel is a pilot. She hates the dragon-lords who are the masters of her land. She has raided one of them – Wrack. The novel begins with her crashed in a crimson jungle at the base of the Chasm, blasted out of the sky by Wrack and stranded down in the depths. There are creatures of nightmare in the Chasm long vanished from the surface – graalur (think orcs, and you've got the right idea); rusdrool (don't even ask); snarqs (two-headed acid-spitting flying lizards)... and lloruk.

The humans in the depths are in a war with the serpent-folk sorcerers. Sorrel finds herself caught up in the conflict – and then she finds that her fate has become inextricably bound with that of Wrack, who is also trapped down here...

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