Sorrel in Silver

The final book (at present!) in the Sorrel sequence.

If you haven't read Sorrel in Scarlet, then this page will contain spoilers - go and read Scarlet first!

The lloruk are exterminating the humans in the Chasm, in retaliation for the destruction of their city of Luthvara. If Sorrel and Wrack are going to stop them, they need new allies.
The elves were the inhuman monsters who tore the world apart two thousand years ago. Everyone believed they were all dead. A meeting at an isolated village proves this is not the case - but can Sorrel trust them? How can she be sure they are not the monsters of legend?
Sorrel's efforts will take her to the fastness of the elves, back to the surface lands, and even to the heart of the lloruk city at Ilkadala.
By working with the elves, she is gambling with the future of the world
- and she could lose Wrack forever.

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